Study in Czech Republic

Study in Czech Republic

Overseas study in Czech Republic know about Czech Republic study

We explore the Czech Republic at the center of Europe, a beautiful country with a rich history and an attractive destination for international students to study abroad. The country has a very high standard of education and research. 

The three regions in the country are a part of Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia, sharing their borders with Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Austria. 

The Czech Republic is a Parliamentary democracy, it gives equal rights for all its citizens and every citizen enjoys the freedom of religion. The country’s economy is healthy and stable. Since entering the European Union in 2004, it has been very integrated with the European Union.

Why should we study overseas in Czech Republic ?

Education is a heritage of the Czech Republic, having a tradition of over six hundred years, it is maintaining its High quality of Education & Research in Engineering, Science, and Medicine. Universities in the Czech Republic offer a wide range of interesting specializations with incomparable conception and long-standing reputations. Students from across the globe visit the country for short courses or to complete their education in various traditional and advanced disciplines. We have now offered over 36000 international students are studying in the Czech Republic and the numbers are growing as most of the programs in the English language. Czech universities are very active in international organizations and study programs conducted in other destinations

This will include the total cost which are :

Public and state institutions do not charge any tuition fees if the language of instruction is Czech. However, they charge Tuition Fees for studying in other foreign languages including English. Private institutions are free to decide their fee structure. The tuition fee depends on a particular program and for the relevant institution of study. 

Private institutions of higher education charge fees according to their structure/guidelines. Tuition fees vary from the US $ 2,500–15,000 per year and this amount depending on the institution and study program concerned. 

How to apply for study in Czech Republic

Applications – Graduate and graduate applications are sent directly to the institutions of their choice. The institution then asses the application and check if there is any test required or will issue an acceptance letter for admission. Visa – Study visa is a long-term visa, and it takes a lot of time to review the application. Thus the processing time could be from 2 to 3 months for most of the complete applications. We advise it to file the visa application well in advance. You need to submit the visa application in person and an interview will also take place to understand the reasons for applying for a visa. Visa fees for a long-term visa for over 90 days are 2500 CZK. We expect students to follow the prescribed checklist for submitting documents for a visa for assessment. 

Accommodation Information

The easiest option is to stay in a student dormitory. At the time of administrative registration, it is possible to make a reservation. The dormitories are not very expensive, about 80 euros per month for a room (however, foreign students receive no housing help in the Czech Republic). The quality of these homes is very variable. It restores some and therefore has a new and modern infrastructure, while others are more austere. Students living in such homes often share a room or a studio equipped with a bathroom, toilets and a small kitchen. Students can stay in Dormitories as they are less expensive. You will find a wide range of verities of homes in the Czech Republic. Some homes you will find with the new infrastructure and some with the old style. 

Student hostel / month: about 150 USD

One flat/private room per month: from 200 USD

Private flat / month: around 500 USD 

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