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Overseas study in Australia know about Austria study

Since it is spread over three oceans and covers an area of about 12 million square kilometers, this ocean area is the third largest in the world. Being a country with more than 0 percent of its inhabitants, which lives within 100 kilometers of coastline, it is also known as the most urbanized and coastal-dwelling population in the world. Currently, Australia has a population of around 23 million people. 

Australia consists of six states and two states. Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom is the head of state because Australia is one Absolute monopoly. This is why Australia’s national flag includes the Union Jack (with the Commonwealth Star and the Southern Cross). 

Why should we study overseas in Australia?

We rank housing 6 of the top 100 universities in the world as 3rd most desired study abroad destination right after the US and UK. There are many reasons to study abroad in Australia. 

The Australian education system has a strong international reputation and innovative policy development. Many countries have made special studies of foreign advisors to help students gain admission to universities, especially in Australia. for improving their own education systems, many other countries turn to Australia for advice. The country offers many educational options for international students seeking admission to Australia, with or without IELTS. With over 1,100 institutes and 22,000 courses for undergraduate and postgraduate study, it is the desire of every international student to apply. 

Regardless of course or duration of your study, Australian law promotes quality education and protection for international students. Flexible laws about post-study work visas in Australia are an added benefit. 

Australia is a vibrant, young and friendly country which is one of the best places. It is an ideal place for those seeking quality education and a good lifestyle. With seven of the top 75 cities in QS Best Student Cities 2016, Australia stands out as one of the most attractive places to study abroad.

This will include the total cost which are :

Being an international student who wants to study abroad in Australia, pay your tuition fees for the program. Usually, a fee is taken before you arrive in Australia. All universities follow a fee submission process per term (6 ‘months). Also, students are expected to pay for their Fees each term. To more information, you must consult to study overseas Australia consultants in your city. 

Foundation Studies: A$9,000 to 11,000$ per year 

Vocational Courses: that are diploma and certificate level courses. Costs: $8000 – 12,000$ per year 

Bachelor Degree A$ 14,000 to 35,000 a year (courses in Business, arts, designs are around 14,000$ and courses in science, Engineering, IT be $18000 or higher) 

PG Degree & Master’s Degree Courses: 15,000$ – 28,000$ per year. (Business, arts, designs programs are around 15,000$ – 20,000$ and courses in science, Engineering, IT be higher) 

You can take more information on other expenses on students finance

How to apply for study in Australia

As per the Australia Study Visa requirements, it requires students to submit their academic and work experience documents. The institute issues an offer letter to the student only after meeting all the guidelines. All institutes have a different time frame for the application process. However, the average process time is 1-4 weeks. With Research applications, the processing time is longer. Academic need not be sent to Institutes in original attested copies are widely accepted by all Institutes. Visa – For most of the “complete applications” the processing time for foreign study visa application outcome is 4-8 weeks or earlier. The Local Visa office at the Australian High Commission can interview the student for further clarification on visa files/documents submitted. 

We also expect students to follow the prescribed checklist for submitting documents for the visa for Australia study visa requirements. 

Accommodation Information

  • International student housing

We locate these housings on campus or nearby, with single or twin rooms. Bed linen and cleaning are provided. Students eat their meals in a communal dining hall. A student can get accommodation to meet the special dietary requirement at around $200 – $300 per week.

  • Homestay or private board 

The student rents a room in a suburban house, usually with a garden and lawn. Change of life in Australia can be done with the help of your host family. Typical costs can range from $ 150 – $ 300, depending on room size and facilities provided by the family. 

  • House or Apartment ON RENT 

You should definitely consult an overseas consultant from Australia for the best advice for getting better. We can take private apartments or houses on rent by the students on an individual or shared basis. They range from a two-bedroom apartment to a large house on its own land. Most rental properties are incomplete, except for an oven, curtains, and carpet. You need to pay for electricity, gas, phone, and water, including connection fees. A bond of up to 4 weeks is usually held by Tenancy Services and refunded when you move out, provided the flat is still in a good condition. The cost of a full apartment/house can vary between $350 to $1000 per week. The value also depends on the location of the property shared by 2-3 students which reduce the total cost. Temporary Accommodation / Hotel: Initially you can stay in a local hotel or motel close to the campus for a temporary period, the cost of a single occupancy of such a hotel varies from $50- $150 per night. For more information, join one of our studies at Australia Advisors at the Delhi branch. 

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